zDefender and zCore – Active Malware Protection for your Mobile Device

Mobile threats are becoming as common as traditional attacks. Malicious sites, Zero-day vulnerabilities, malware apps, even man-in-the-middle attacks. But what can you do to protect yourself against these threats?

Earlier this month at Demo Spring 2012, security expert Itzhak Avraham founder of zImperium revealed their new zDefender active malware protection. zDefender, based on the zCore API technology can detect detects as they are happening and take action. The software runs at the core OS level, instead of the application level that many anti-virus programs operate at.

In the video above, Itzhak demonstrates the technology by implementing an ARP attack against a target mobile device. zDefender detects the incoming attack and actually shuts down the phone’s wireless adapter, stopping the attack cold.

Itzhak knows a thing or two about mobile security. The company also created the amazing Anti – Android Network Toolkit, which we talked about earlier this month.

zDefender and zCore are currently in Beta, but these products are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Remote Controlled Machine Gun Armed Quadrotor

Remote control helicopter with optics and armed with a 100 round sub-machine gun, what is not to love? Image a group of these working in tandem, or better yet, a fleet of these with Reaper drones each armed with 108 ATK Hatchet 60mm laser guided bombs.

Okay, this quadrotor does not exist, or at least not yet. But sounds like you will be able to use it in the next “Call of Duty” game!