Site Usage & Disclaimer

This website is dedicated to Ethical Hacking and legal Penetration Testing. All information on this website is for educational use only.

By using this website you agree to never attempt to use these techniques on or against systems that you do not own, or have express permission to do so. Doing so is illegal and you could end up in jail.

Also, using some of the scanning tools covered here could be illegal in some areas – Always follow your regional and country laws.

Becoming a real penetration tester takes years of training and education, most of these articles are only demonstrating a single technique in a test environment and by no way encompass all the risks you would encounter using these techniques in a live production environment. Always know and understand the full impact of any tool your are using before attempt to use it yourself.

The information here is for educational uses only, techniques and software change over time. Any damage caused by following the techniques on this website are the sole responsibility of the user/ reader.

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