US Military Exercise “Black Dart 14” Focuses on Enemy Drones

Exercise Black Dart 14

Above image links to Foxnews Video from US Military Exercise “Black Dart 14”

1400 members of the US military met for the two weeks to perform confidential exercises at “Black Dart 14” in California. With over 50 countries currently using military capable drones, one topic of focus was tracking and intercepting foreign combat UAVs.

For more information check out the video at Foxnews.

US, Israel & Romainian Drone News – Life for Hackers (iHLS TV)

Video from Israel’s Homeland Security (iHLS TV)

Topics include:

  • Israeli SkyStar-180 aerostat helps secure world cup
  • Israeli company Plasan to supply APCs for Brazilian police
  • UK Hackers face life in prison
  • Romanian authorities adopt new civilian drone laws
  • U.S. Navy tests for drone-manned helicopter team

DARPA unveils “Hack Proof” Mini-Quad Copter

DARPA’s has unveiled a “hack proof” UAV that demonstrated that a non-compromisable drone could be developed.

The mini-quadcopter is the creation of their High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS) program, and one of many DARPA devices displayed to the Pentagon on Wednesday according to DefenseTech.

There are numerous reports of drones malfunctioning or possibly even hacked by attacking their GPS guidance system.

Basically DARPA understands the risks of Drones being hacked or mission compromised and is looking for new ways to protect these valuable assets.

Enter DARPA’s HACMS (Hack-ems? Hack MS?? Gotta love government acronyms) division. According to DARPA’s website, “The goal of the HACMS program is to create technology for the construction of high-assurance cyber-physical systems, where high assurance is defined to mean functionally correct and satisfying appropriate safety and security properties.

And in this case, DARPA unveiled a hardened software system and pared it with a mini-Quad copter to see if they could create a non-hackable platform.

The software is designed to make sure a hacker cannot take over control of a UAS. The software is mathematically proven to be invulnerable to large classes of attack,” Kathleen Fischer, HACMS program manager said.

Of course all in the cyber security realm will scoff at the idea of being “unhackable”, but in it’s defense, the mini-copter was able to hold off a “Red Team” – a group of hackers that pretend to be bad guys and test systems looking for holes.

The control software wasn’t necessarily created with mini-UAV’s in mind, but larger military grade drone platforms. And that is not all, in the future it may not just be used for drones.

Soon you may see this same tech released as an Open Source project and used to create hardened network routers and even possibly solve security problems associated with BYOD or employees bringing in their mobile wireless devices for network connectivity.

Pretty impressive indeed!

Ukraine Police try to Blind Drone with Laser

Ukraine police try to blind drone cameras during violent struggle in Maidan Square.

I don’t mean to belittle what is going on in Ukraine in any way, but this video caught my attention from a technical standpoint.

First of all, remote drones are being used to capture images that show proof of what is happening in that country. And secondly, the police force purposefully tried to blind the drone camera by shinning a laser at it.

We will see drones used a lot more in the future to capture events like this, and I am sure opposition forces will increase tactics to either disable or destroy them.