Malware Infection Rate by Country – Who has the most Viruses?

Ever wonder what the world virus infection rate is? Or how your country stands in protecting their system from viruses? Well, look no further than BitDefender’s Real Time Virus Reports at

Setting the sample rate to 7 days and you find that:

  • US sits at a 58%
  • UK – 55.05%
  • India – 62.53%
  • Russia – 83.92%
  • Germany – 34.13%
  • Italy – 35.55%

Iran takes the prize as most infected, 97.95% of systems scanned had malware!

Okay, a look at the top viruses for each country shows a lot of cookie based viruses. Which may or may not be real viruses, but the rates are high none the less.

But how does this compare to what other vendors are finding?

According to the latest Panda Labs virus report, the countries that had the most viruses for the 3rd Quarter of 2011 are:

And the least infected countries for Q3 2011:

That is a lot of infected machines. You have to wonder how many of those systems are infected with Bot malware, credential stealing viruses or backdoor trojans.

Always install your operating system and application software updates, keep your anti-virus up to date, use a firewall and a script blocking program like NoScript.

2 thoughts on “Malware Infection Rate by Country – Who has the most Viruses?”

  1. I love it — that sounds about right for the U.S.

    Which is odd because I bet if you looked up the statistic the U.S. probably per capita spends the most money on anti-malware solutions. Go figure huh?

    Also I don’t like “cookie based malware”. What does that mean? Are we talking LSO or like tracking cookies, the latter IMHO really doesn’t count as malware, just an annoyance.

    NoScript is free guys please use it 😉

    1. “Hmm… Looks like our big name corporate anti-virus didn’t detect the rootkit that hit all of our servers. But look at this, this is exciting, it did block several cookies!”


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