Kinect for the PS3

Another Xbox Kinect hack, this one for the PS3!

Shantanu Goel demonstrates the software he has been working on to get the Kinect to work with “Killzone 3” on his PS3. The video shows him navigating the game by only using the Kinect.

Shantanu has released the software he used and instructions on PSGroove.

3D Video from Hacked Xbox Kinect

Amazing video of the 3D capabilities of the Kinect. Wow, this is really something. This will open up a lot of possibilities for 3d projects and especially hobby robotics.

Think of it as eyes for your robot!

Thanks to my buddy Bill at for the heads up on this.

XBox Kinect for your PC or a Robot!

Time out for a message for your inner geek. Most of you have heard about XBox’s new amazing Kinect controller, if not, here is one of their commercials:

What could be cooler than that you say? How about Kinect for the PC? Or using Kinect in your latest robotics project? Adafruit Industries offered a cash reward for anyone who could hack the Kinect, and what do you know they did it already.

Here is an example of Kinect connected to a PC:

Also, anyone into robotics will be very interested in the options that will eventually become available with using Kinect with an arduino or other microcontroller platform.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Project Natal

Project Natal is probably the number one technical advancement in computer technology this year. I know it’s not computer security related, but If you have not see it, you really need to check it out.

It pulls together full body motion capture, voice and facial recognition. This will open up a whole new area of software development. It is just mind-boggling. If you want to see more, check out the “Meet Milo” video. Project Natal should be out by the end of the year.

This will open up a whole new chapter of communicating with electronic devices and not just for the game industry. With a little imagination, you can see how this technology could be used in defense, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, etc… The possibilities are endless.