Navy Developing Robots to Fight Pirates

The Navy is developing a series of sensors and software to allow robotic helicopters to detect suspicious boats according to a FoxNews article:

The Navy turned to a combination of different sensing technologies to address this. Called the Multi-Mode Sensor Seeker, or MMSS, an unmanned helicopter uses high-definition cameras, mid-wave infrared sensors and laser-radar (LADAR) to find the boat. 

Seaborne piracy is still a huge problem, especially near places like Somalia. It is a long and tedious procedure to scan unending open water for suspicious vessels, one that drones and robotics could handle very well if programmed correctly. Drones can help detect the questionable ships and then human operators can verify friend or foe designation and task armed forces to the area.

The Navy will test this technology this summer against test targets off the California coast. Until it is available, there is always the tried and true method of fighting piracy: