Snowden Granted One Year Asylum in Russia

Snowden has left the Russia airport and been granted a one year Asylum to live and work in Russia.

The latest news from, stated that the embroiled former CIA employee and NSA hacker has received papers from the Russian Immigration Service granting him permission to leave the airport and live and work in Russia:

“In July, Snowden applied for temporary asylum in Russia, a status that would allow him to live and work in the country for one year. Kucherena earlier said the fugitive whistleblower is considering securing permanent residency in Russia, where he will attempt to build a life.”

According to the news agency he has been relocated to a safe undisclosed location.

So, Russia it is apparently. Though many see him as a hero for blowing the whistle on the government spying program, with this latest news, can we safely assume now that he will be updated to traitor status?

Hacker Team takes over $80 Million Super Yacht

Cruise Ship Underway

Flaws in the GPS system have been known for a while now, but when a security team took over a 210 foot super yacht by spoofing a GPS signal, more than a few eyebrows were raised.

Using about $3,000 worth of equipment GPS expert Todd Humphreys and his security team from the University of Texas were able to take over the navigation system of a large ship in the Mediterranean.

“We injected our spoofing signals into its GPS antennas and we’re basically able to control its navigation system with our spoofing signals,” Humphreys told Fox News.

After spoofing the GPS guidance signal, Humphreys’ team took the ship through a series of turns, and navigational changes that if done by a real attacker, could have put the ship at great risk.

The ship Captain, Andrew Schofield and his crew could not detect anything amiss.

“Professor Humphreys and his team did a number of attacks and basically we on the bridge were absolutely unaware of any difference,” Schofield said. “I was gobsmacked — but my entire deck team was similarly gobsmacked”

This is very concerning as planes could also be attacked with similar techniques. A few months ago we talked about how plane controls could be attacked with SIMON and PlaneSploit.

GPS navigational navigational security need to be addressed and secured so this doesn’t happen in real life.

For more information see the original FoxNews article.

Chinese Hackers Steal Designs for top US Military Tech – Now What?


(Aegis BMD scenario pictured above from the Missile Defense Agency).

According to a government report, Chinese hackers successfully stole designs for some of our most used military hardware, this includes the mainstay FA-18 fighter jet and the BlackHawk helicopter. But that is not all, they also got away with designs for several missile systems including the Navy’s Aegis Balistic Missile Defense (BMD) system.

The report stated that the designs for more than two dozen military systems were stolen.

These included the:

In essence the Chinese have stolen billions (if not Trillions) of dollars worth of weapon research and design. Worse yet, they now know the capabilities of many of our offensive and defensive weapons.

But with all the buzz on securing our military systems, how could the Chinese infiltrate classified systems and pilfer some of our greatest secrets? According to former Navy Admiral Jamie Barnett during a Fox News interview, our military systems are hardened pretty good, and were not the source of the data leak.

The data was stolen from military contractors and subcontractors.

Since the US has been working on hardening our military systems, Chinese hackers have modified their tactics and have switched to attacking military contractors. And even though these contractors have fairly good physical security, the Chinese were still able to extract military hardware designs.

So what do we do now?

Whatever changes that have been made to harden military systems need to include military contractors, or any organizations that are trusted with classified military plans. Most likely communication, encryption and codes will need to be changed so hardware in the field can not be compromised.

Our missile defense systems will need to be analyzed to determined what China could have gained by having the designs and capabilities will need to be modified so they are not made obsolete.

Counter hacking has been brought up many times in the past. Would it be feasible to counter hack to recover or destroy stolen data? Or create honeypots, legit looking sites that contain bogus but tantalizing information, that contain malware or backdoors that could infect attacking systems allowing us to connect back into them or other capabilities.

Finally, there needs to be some sort of political repercussions against China. We have already handed them our manufacturing capabilities over the last few decades, they now have many of our military secrets. The cyber bleeding needs to stop.