The Office Survivalist – Surviving Natural Disasters when caught at Work

You see it in the news everyday. Natural disasters, terror attacks, even civil unrest. What do you do when something happens and you are at work? What if you could not make it back to your home and had to survive with just the things you have on you, or in your vehicle? What if you did not have access to food or drinkable water for several days? Could you survive?

My friend Richard covers all of these topics and more on his new website “The Office Survivalist”. Richard is a highly intelligent, and driven professional computer trainer for the DoD realm. A fellow cybersecurity fanatic and sharpshooter. And let’s not foget about his great sense of humor to boot!

On his site you will see exceptional articles about what to do when things go south and great videos on products that could keep you alive.  If you want to learn about surviving the unforeseen check out “The Office Survivalist.”