7 Year Old Figures out how to Bypass Apple Encryption

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies have been complaining about Apple’s decision to enable encryption by default on it’s smart devices, and how it will prevent or hinder them from investigating crimes. Well, it seems that a 7 year old was able to figure out how to defeat the encryption on his father’s Apple iPhone 6+.

He just had to borrow his dad’s thumb!

Harrison Green, son of computer security professor Matthew Green, wanted to play his favorite mobile games on his dad’s iPhone. Problem was that he couldn’t log in on his own due to iPhone’s TouchID. Not to be outdone by Apple security, he simply snuck in when his dad was asleep and pressed his dad’s thumb against the touch pad.


Though ingenious, Harrison isn’t the first to figure this out. A Virginia judge has already ruled that police can force you to unlock your phone using your fingerprint, though your password is still protected by constitutional rights…