Backtrack 4 R1 Released!

Okay, when you were a kid you looked forward to Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, etc. It was just a great time of partying, celebrating and getting gifts. When you get older, that feeling kind of fades away a bit. That is until Backtrack releases a new version of their software!

Backtrack 4-R1, has been released! The undisputed king of security testing Linux distros comes sporting a new engine under the hood (2.6.34 Kernel) and all the tools and utilities have been updated and polished. We will definitely be taking a closer look at this in days to come.

It brings back images of birthday cakes, gifts, staying up late, all that great happy goodness (minus having to kiss your Aunt with a beard of course) all wrapped up in one!  

Download the VMware image or Live distro and check it out!

Sophos creates free Tool to Defend against Windows Shortcut Exploit

Scrambling to protect your systems from the latest Windows Zero day shortcut exploit? What if your anti-virus doesn’t protect against it, what do you do? The anti-virus company Sophos has created an app to defend against the USB shortcut exploit.

The free Sophos tool installs a new icon handler for Windows shortcuts. Whenever Windows tries to display an icon corresponding to a Windows shortcut, the new icon handler will intercept this request and validate the shortcut. If the shortcut does not contain the exploit, control will be given back to Windows.

The nice thing is that if your current anti-virus company doesn’t protect against the exploit, the Sophos Windows Shortcut Exploit Protection Tool can run in tandem to make sure your system is protected.

And the Sophos Windows Shortcut Exploit Protection Tool (maybe we should have come up with a shorter name?) is a piece of cake to install. The tool can be installed and uninstalled easily and quickly. Administrators can run the installer package on the computer, and network administrators can push the installer package via Group Policies.

Check out the Sophos blog for more information.