Google, like Anonymous, Joins Fight against Israel

Google Palestine

Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” – Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Since its inception again as a nation, Israel has been in a battle to have the right to do just one thing, exist. In this battle for legitimacy as a nation it has faced invasions from Muslim countries and constant rocket attacks by militant Islamic groups. Now it would seem that search engine giant Google has entered the fight against Israel.

Since Israel’s re-creation in 1948, they have been in a constant battle to simply survive. Not only have they faced unending physical threats, but waves of online attacks too. Militant groups have joined in with Hacktivists groups like Anonymous to put constant pressure on Israel’s online presence. Last month Israeli systems were hammered in a co-ordinated denial of service attack called #OpIsrael.

Many of these groups believe that they are helping the Islamic Palestinian people gain their freedom to form a state called “Palestine”. They believe (falsely) that creating a “Two State Solution” will bring peace to the Middle East and protect the Palestinians from “Israeli aggression”.


Just this week, Google jumped into the political arena on the Palestinian’s side by changing their “Google Palestinian Territories” site to simply say Google Palestine. A small name change, that has very large political repercussions.

In this case, we are following the lead of the UN, Icann [Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers], ISO [International Organisation for Standardisation] and other international organisations,” Google Spokesman Nathan Tyler, told the BBC.

Well beyond just “following the lead of the UN“, the move was a direct blow to Israel and it’s right to exist peacefully. Google also decided to side against their home nation as the UN recognizes Palestine as a state, but the US does not.

As you will see recognizing Palestine as a state, and the whole creation of a “Two State Solution” will not bring peace to the Middle East.

As it has been done before, and it failed…


After WWI it was agreed that the British Mandate Palestine, land that Britain took control of from turkey, would be divided into two countries. At first Israel was to be given the entire land (reminiscent of the land promised to Israel by God in Genesis 15:18-21) but after strong Islamic objection, it was agreed between Islamic authorities and Britain that a two state solution would bring peace to the Middle East.

Jewish Palestinians would be given a small section of land (which would be eventually be called Israel) and the Muslim Palestinians were given a very large section of land called Trans-Jordan.



Not all of the Muslim leaders fell in line with this decision. Radical Islamic leaders believed that Israel should not exist and began resisting the change. By the time WWII came around some of these leaders joined in with Germany to place Muslim troops in Nazi SS divisions.

Amin al Husseini bei bosnischen SS-Freiwilligen

After WWII members of these Islamic Nazi troops banned together to form many of the radical Islamic groups which still fight the legitimacy of Israel to exist.


Radical Islamic fighters swarm into these “disputed Palestinian territories” to continue the fight against Israel by constantly firing mortars and rockets into their cities. According to Wikipedia, “as of November 2012, over 2,256 rockets had been launched at Israel from Gaza since January 2012.”


Google has decided to use it’s clout to support the creation of a Palestinian state.

As you can see, Google’s choice to side politically with the UN, along with Anonymous and radical Islamic groups, is a huge blow to both peace in the Middle East and Israel’s daily fight to simply survive.

Update 5/5

Okay, now I understand a little bit better, Google has business interests in Palestine:

“Palestinians have such a unique position,” says Gisel Kordestani, Google’s director of new business development. “They’re well educated. They have strong English-language skills. With 88 million people in the [Middle East and North African] region getting online, they have the opportunity to build something for the Arab world.”

Google stands to benefit from whatever is built. Currently less than 1% of the searchable content online is in Arabic. If it grows, Google can sell ads against the new content.

Google Taps Palestine For New Business Development

As they say, follow the money…

Main Christian Website Blocked: Pentagon’s “Crusade” against Christianity Continues

It was reported this week that the Pentagon has blocked it’s users from accessing the largest non-Catholic Christian organization in the United States. And more concerning, blocked it due to it’s alleged “Hostile Content”.

Is this political correctness run amok in the military, or just a case of mistaken identity?

According to Foxnews, Soldiers, officers and even Chaplains that tried to access the Southern Baptist Convention’s website were greeted with the warning, “The site you have requested has been blocked by Team CONUS (C-TNOSC/RCERT-CONUS) due to hostile content.”

The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest Protestant Christian group in the United States. As of 2012 they had approximately 16 million members and over 45,000 churches.

This would appear to be the second major swipe against Christianity this month by the military. Earlier this month, Army Reservist training placed Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism on a “Religious Extremism” list that included the KKK, Al-Quaeda and Hamas.

In both cases the military has denied that they purposefully targeted Christians. And in this latest case, one would have to wonder if they meant to block the radical Westboro Baptist Church which has been protesting at military funerals instead.

The military claims that the blocking of the SBC website was indeed an accident. According to Lt. Col. Damien Pickart, “The Department of Defense is not intentionally blocking access to this site. We are working diligently to investigate what might be causing access issues for some of our service members and to correct the situation as quickly as possible.

But some are saying that it wasn’t an accident at all, but that an anti-Christianity “theology” is being taught to military officers.

According to the website PrayforUS, military leaders are being taught that Christians are the enemy:

“A new study issued by the U.S. Military Academy claims that American Christians are terrorists. Also identified as terrorists in this study are individuals who identify as pro-life, those who support limited government and lower taxes, those who are opposed to the New World Order and people who are just simply conservatives.”

As was evident with the Boston Bombings, Radical Islam is our nation’s number one enemy right now. And those that are teaching our military leaders that Catholicism and Protestant Christianity are terrorist organizations need to be removed from their positions of authority.

Facebook Graph Search shows ‘Married Men who like Prostitutes’

Last week Facebook revealed a new search feature to help people find others who are interested in the same things. Sounds all well and good, but a new website shows some search results that may not be quite what Mark Zuckerberg had in mind.

Facebook Graph Search seems interesting enough, for example you could search for people who are into cycling that are from your home town. Or People who like knitting who are in Washington, DC. Very helpful when you are trying to connect with others.

But as the Actual Facebook Graph Searches website shows, social searches can be used to retrieve information that some may not want revealed.

For example, what would happen if you searched for “Married Men who like Prostitutes”

Funny Facebook Graph Searches

Or, what about “Current Employers of people who like Racism”

Funny Facebook Graph Searches 1

Some others include:

  • Current Tesco Employees that like Horses
  • Mothers of Catholics from Italy that likes Durex
  • Spouses of Married People who like Ashley Madison

These are all humorous, but some searches could be used by certain countries who have repressive governments, where religious liberties are restricted, to find people who have beliefs that may not jive with the government.

For example the search “Family Members of people who live in China and like Falun Gong” could cause some issues:

Facebook Graph Searches 2

Or even “Islamic Men interested in men who live in Tehran, Iran” could cause issues, as Iran has very strict laws concerning homosexuality.

Social Media is a great tool to keep in touch and meet new people online. And as these examples show, some humorous things can be found by social media searches.

But as we have seen from the security world, Social Media can also be manipulated to provide information that some may not want revealed to the public, or information that could be misused.

Anti-Islam Movie, Cyber Jihad and Political Irresponsibility

It is very sad to see something developing and just knowing what would come of it. I figured the “cyber jihadists”, would jump in on the “Innocence of Muslim” anti-Islam movie bandwagon. And they have, targeting American companies with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks until, they say, the “offending film” is removed.

As one group states in a Pastebin post:

We, Cyber fighters of Izz ad-din Al qassam will attack the Bank of America and New York Stock Exchange for the first step. These Targets are properties of American-Zionist Capitalists. This attack will be started today at 2 pm. GMT. This attack will continue till the Erasing of that nasty movie. Beware this attack can vary in type. Down with modern infidels.

One Cyber Jihad group even went as far as to publicly post their “DDoS” tool for new budding cyber-jihadis to use. The frustrating part of this whole mess is that irresponsibility on several levels have made this situation much worse.

The maker of the offensive film (an Egyptian!) was irresponsible for publishing the trailer. Many theories have been swirling around about why he made this. One of the latest even points to a co-producer who allegedly is a supporter of terrorism. The timing of the “protests” though is highly suspect (September 1th) especially when the film was allegedly made a year ago and was even publicly displayed in a California theater.

Our administration was irresponsible for blaming the embassy attacks on this film. Though all signs pointed to a terrorist attack, this administration blamed them on the film and not terrorism. Sadly it took quite a while for the administration to change their stance, even though Libyan intelligence stated right away that it was indeed a terrorist planned attack, and supposedly the US had been warned in advance. It was not until  the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center testified before the senate stating it was indeed a terrorist attack that the stance was changed at the White House.

Our President and Hillary Clinton were irresponsible for creating what have been seen as “apology commercials” and having them displayed in Pakistan, placing the blame on the film instead of on terrorism. This again did not have the desired effect of calming people down, but seems to have just stirred up more Anti-American sentiment.

The media was irresponsible too for blaming the embassy attacks on this film. Though all the evidence pointed to a planned and co-ordinated terrorist attack, many media outlets fell in line with the stance of the White House. Blaming the film (again it was just a trailer for the film!) for the protests was then projected around the world by the media seemingly stirring up more Anti-American protests.

Religious and political leaders in Islamic countries were irresponsible for the roles they played in this also. Many religious leaders encouraged protests and even called for “American Muslims to perform Jihad on the movie creator”. And according to CNN, “A Pakistan government minister has personally offered a $100,000 reward for anyone who kills the man who made the anti-Islam movie that is drawing ire throughout the Muslim world.” And Pakistan is supposed to be an ally in the war on terror.

Now along with public protests, Islamic hacktivists are jumping into the fray and attacking American websites with Denial of Service attacks.

Was the film trailer offensive? Absolutely, but the facts just don’t add up.

For example the cyber jihad Pastebin post mentioned above also states, “United States of America with the help of Zionist Regime made a Sacrilegious movie insulting all the religions not only Islam.” They claim that all religions were insulted with the making of this film. It is interesting to note that allegedly the outrage was over the way Mohammed was represented in the film. And similar outrage has been seen when he has been portrayed in cartoons.

Jesus is also a prophet in Islam, and is actually mention many more times by name in the Koran than Mohammed. But the image of Jesus has been portrayed in some very vial images of “art” including urine and feces, yet there was no storming of American Embassies or worldwide Islamic protests over it.

I am very discouraged over the actions of our President in handling this situation, as it seems his response was very politically motivated. I am discouraged with the media for their part in stirring things up. And I am also very discouraged over the reaction of leaders in supposed allied countries who have fanned the flames of hate into an inferno.

There is very strong Anti-American sentiment in the Islamic world, though this film is being used as an excuse, sadly I think we are just seeing these nation’s true feelings for the US.