Anonymous takes on Sony – PS3 Sites taken Down

Looks like Anonymous has now turned its attention to Sony. According to a recorded message, the attack was revenge for Sony taking legal action against two hardware hackers who modified access to the PS3.

Anonymous took down several Sony websites in the last few days including the Playstation Store and the PSN. But that is not all, Anonymous is trying a new angle with this attack. According to reports, Anonymous is calling for people to physically protest at Sony stores.

It looks like Anonymous is not going away anytime soon. And with their somewhat random selection of targets, it is hard to tell what their next move might be. A solution needs to be found to shutdown Denial of Service traffic. The problem is a lot of the incoming DDoS bot traffic looks like normal traffic on the wire.


Kinect for the PS3

Another Xbox Kinect hack, this one for the PS3!

Shantanu Goel demonstrates the software he has been working on to get the Kinect to work with “Killzone 3” on his PS3. The video shows him navigating the game by only using the Kinect.

Shantanu has released the software he used and instructions on PSGroove.