Pro-Russian Forces Break into Ukraine Govt Buildings – Steal Servers

Donetsk Pro-Russian Intruders

Cyber attacks can be a troublesome thing, there are firewalls to ease past and layers of defense to bypass. And then if you do find a way through, your exploit is not always guaranteed to work. But there is another option… You could just break into the target building and steal the servers.

With Russian troops massed on Ukraine’s border many analysts are saying that they could attack at any moment. But it would seem Russia might be content at the moment to foment unrest in Ukraine’s Eastern areas where there is a strong pro-Russia sentiment.

As Russia sent troops with no unit insignias visible into the Crimean Peninsula to confiscate warships and surround bases, they are now sending security forces into border providences to seed unrest from the inside.

Organized groups of several hundred people representing Russian security agencies have arrived in eastern Ukraine from neighboring Russia,” said Yulia Tymoshenko, former Ukrainian prime minister

On Monday night masked pro-Russian protesters looted the Donetsk Province government administration building and were seen removing servers from the building.

But why would they take file servers?

With Government servers in hand, it would not take long to recover all the information from them. It would be much quicker than trying to siphon the data over long distance network lines.

In most cases, physical access equals total access. And once the data is obtained, the attackers would then have a plethora of personal information, account information and important data including sensitive Government documents and communications.

This information would be invaluable to an occupying force as it would most likely reveal which individuals in the government are for your cause and which ones are against it. They could also recover credentials from the servers that could be used to attack other government systems.

It would seem that the server hard drives will end up in Russian intelligence hands very soon, if they are not already.