Solution to ISIS targeting US Service Members – Arm our Troops!

The internet has been abuzz with the concerning news that ISIS has released a list of US military personal and calling on radical Muslims to attack them. The solution to this problem is simple – Arm our service members…

Contrary to the ISIS claim that the list of service personal released was obtained by hacking military servers, in actuality the list was most likely gleaned from military press releases using nothing more advanced than Google. In all actuality, it is very trivial for someone with even the most basic Open Source Intelligence skills to find out a ton of information on a person including where they live using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) programs.

The problem with open source intelligence is that the information discovered is not always accurate or up to date. This is apparently what happened as instead of ISIS releasing the address of a Navy pilot, listed the address of a home owned by an elderly couple.

The solution to this problem, as related to me by a retired high level special forces member, is simple. “I think they are seriously underestimating the people they are targeting,” he said. “Many of us have combat experience… and are armed.”

US service members put too much personal information on social media websites and the military releases too much information about troops and what they are doing. In addition to scrubbing this information from websites (which could help but may not be totally effective) the solution is simple. Make it legal for and provide for those targeted with arms!

In the name of political correctness base security has been altered to make them more “civilian friendly”. It is time again to allow our troops on base to carry weapons. Also those service members who have been publicly listed by ISIS should be immediately provided a conceal carry permit for the state that they are in (if they do not already own one).

“Home grown” terrorists will think twice before taking on armed US military personnel.

F-117A Nighthawk in China?

I was checking out Sean Lawson, Ph.D.’s blog and found an interesting link to IMINT & Analysis – “Open source military analysis, strategic thinking, and Google Earth imagery interpretation.”

I really enjoy open source intelligence and all things military, so you know I just had to investigate. And here is what caught my eye immediately:

The image above, captured in March of 2010, depicts an F-117A mockup. Normally, a mockup of the F-117A wouldn’t be a very big deal, but this one is in the middle of Luoyang, China. First spotted by the intrepid members of the China Defense Forum, the mockup appears to be partially completed, apparently missing the forward fuselage.

Now what would an F-117A Stealth Fighter be doing in China? According to the article, the F-117A mockup is sitting at the Electro-Optical Technology Development Center in Luoyang, China. Apparently the center does R&D for Chinese air-to-air missiles.

Check out the IMINT & Analysis site for more information.

The picture above is from Google Earth. You can still see the stealth fighter  at coordinates 34.662363′ Lat, 112.429356′ Long.

Excellent Sources for Cybercrime, Threat Analysis and Terrorism Consulting

Need to know more about global cybercrime or cyber conflicts? Need to get your agency up to speed on current terrorist tactics and threats? Or, are you an armchair cyber commando and just want to know more? Where do you turn? The following are Cyberarms recommendations:

Cyber Crime and Threat Analysis – Greylogic is the place to turn to. “GreyLogic is a veteran-owned small business registered in the State of Washington that specializes in the investigation of cyber conflicts by State and non-State actors, and monitors emerging threats in the global cyber landscape.

Unlike other Information Security companies, GreyLogic investigators and analysts go beyond the purely technical forensics of an attack to include geopolitical influences, bad actor profiles, individual and organizational connections (both hidden and disclosed), and other relevant data necessary for policy makers and corporate executives to properly evaluate the facts of an incident or threat before deciding on a course of action.” (from Website)

Greylogic has released to the public their findings on the Russia/ Georgia cyber conflict (Project Grey Goose Phase I) and the evolving state of cyberwarfare (Project Grey Goose Phase II). Confidential data is available to government/ corporate agencies.

Greylogic is led by CEO Jeffrey Carr, author of “Inside Cyber Warfare”.

Current Terrorist Tactics and Threats – Flashpoint Partners is the place to turn to. “Flashpoint Partners is a research and analysis enterprise focused on global security, with managing partners based in London and New York.  FP offers a host of contract consulting services which are available to international governments, law enforcement agencies, media outlets, academic institutions, and private corporations.  We have a proven track record in successfully completing critical projects for a variety of high-profile clients around the world–including the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of Defense, Scotland Yard’s SO-15 Counter Terrorism Command, the United Kingdom Crown Prosecution Service, the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and the International Court of Justice at the Hague.” (from Website)

Flashpoint Partners is led by Evan Kohlmann, author of “Al-Qaida’s Jihad in Europe”. Mr. Kohlmann has provided consulting and analysis to an alphabet soup list of worldwide government agencies concerning various counter-terrorism topics and has testified as an expert witness in more federal court cases than I care to list.

I have had the pleasure of hearing both Jeffrey Carr and Evan Kohlmann in separate cyber-security related seminars and the knowledge and insight of both is amazing. I highly recommend both, check out their websites and if you get the chance to hear either in person or in an online webinar, you will not be disappointed.