Try iCloud for Free

As many of you know, I am not a fan of Cloud computing. But I have to admit, this looks pretty good. This is iCloud by a company called Xcerion. It basically gives you a virtual desktop with file sharing, apps and collaboration capability all through your browser.

It comes with 3 GB of storage space, but for $39.99 you can upgrade to 100 GB of storage and it includes backup capability. I must admit, be able to access 100GB of storage through your iPhone could be handy.  

Now, because I do not like cloud solutions, here is my security spew. Use a complex password, do not put critical or sensitive files on cloud storage, keep your anti-virus and security patches up to date.

Why don’t I like cloud solutions? You have to remember that your data that you upload is no longer under your control in a cloud solution. You can verify the steps you take to secure your local network, but you can not verify the security steps that your cloud provider takes.They may not have the same security plans and policies that you use.

 Also, because they use computers themselves, they are susceptible to crashes, outages and viruses, just as you are. Recently the US treasury shut down 4 cloud hosted websites due to malware.

I would show you some live screen shots of the program in action, but when I tried to login to the service twice today this is what I saw:

I think this might be the cloud equivalent of the old Windows “Blue Screen of Death”.  🙂

If you are interested in cloud solutions, check it out, hopefully you will have better luck than I did.