Hacktivists jump into North Korea DDoS and Defacement War

N Korea Anonymous

As North Korea’s militaristic threats against the US increase, so do the website attacks. But it would seem that so far, N. Korea is on the receiving end as hacktivists jump into the fray.

There has been a flood of activity over the last few days, though mostly one sided.

On April 2nd, the US Forces Korea military website went down with a Gateway error:


As this article is written, the site is still down:

US_Korea_Website 2

The official word so far is that it is an internal server issue and not related to a cyber attack.

But North Korean sites seem to be a different story. Apparently the hacktivist group “Anonymous” has been very busy indeed. As of today anyone visiting N. Korea’s Twitter page will see this:

Twitter Hacked

Tango Down, cute! And a look at their latest tweets:

N Korea Twitter

And their Flickr page:

N Korea Flickr

Hmm… Some of those images don’t seem to follow the party line, especially the caricature of “Dear Leader”. Though the Flickr page seems to have been corrected since this morning.

Pro-North Korea news site Uriminzokkiri.com and several others also seem to be currently offline:

N Korea Websites Down

It would appear that the Uriminzokkiri site hasn’t been hacked, but is down possibly due to a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS), a flood of network traffic that ties it up and effectively takes it offline.

It seems that the majority of attacks are coming from the hacktivist group “Anonymous”.  One anonymous post contains a list of their demands towards North Korea:

We demand:
– N.K. government to stop making nukes and nuke-threats
– Kim Jong-un to resign
– it’s time to install a free direct democracy in North Korea
– uncensored internet access for all the citizens!

And to Kim Jong-un:

So you feel the need to create large nukes and threaten half the world with them?
So you’re into demonstrations of power?, here is ours:
– We are inside your local intranets (Kwangmyong and others)
– We are inside your mailservers
– We are inside your webservers

The post also contained what seemed to be account information from one of the hacked websites.

The popular patriot hacker “The Jester” also claimed that he took down several websites that Anonymous claimed credit for in this tweet:

North Korea Jester

So what does this all mean? Is this the beginnings of a cyber war?

LOL, no…

Though DDoS attacks are irritating and do disrupt website usage, they are not a deadly attack. Sorry main stream media, this is not a “Cyber War”. Nor is defacing a Twitter account or other social media site a devastating military attack.

Sure the website owner loses face and obviously has security issues, but it is more of a Psyops type message than a kinetic attack where property is damaged and lives are in danger.

And while several North Korean websites have been downed or defaced, it is not the focal point of the North’s power (The country only has like 35 websites total…).

Let’s not forget that they have the world’s fourth largest army, have created tunnels that run under the North/South border that possibly could hold thousands of troops and have nuclear tipped missiles aimed at the US and her allies.