US Military Exercise “Black Dart 14” Focuses on Enemy Drones

Exercise Black Dart 14

Above image links to Foxnews Video from US Military Exercise “Black Dart 14”

1400 members of the US military met for the two weeks to perform confidential exercises at “Black Dart 14” in California. With over 50 countries currently using military capable drones, one topic of focus was tracking and intercepting foreign combat UAVs.

For more information check out the video at Foxnews.

First Fully Functional 3D Printed Metal Firearm

There has been a lot of interest, and controversy, over the ability to “print” guns using a 3D printer. Up until now, most weapons that were printed were plastic only. Well, not any more.

Solid Concepts has created the first 1911 pistol using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DLMS) 3D printing:

So just what in the world is DLMS?

The ability to create high strength metal parts via 3D printing is really a game changer. Some remote military facilities and research centers already have 3d printing capability.

And the ability to make their own metal parts will make them even more autonomous and self sufficient.