First Fully Functional 3D Printed Metal Firearm

There has been a lot of interest, and controversy, over the ability to “print” guns using a 3D printer. Up until now, most weapons that were printed were plastic only. Well, not any more.

Solid Concepts has created the first 1911 pistol using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DLMS) 3D printing:

So just what in the world is DLMS?

The ability to create high strength metal parts via 3D printing is really a game changer. Some remote military facilities and research centers already have 3d printing capability.

And the ability to make their own metal parts will make them even more autonomous and self sufficient.

ATK Hatchet – New Bomb for US Drones

ATK, a leading US precision arms company has created a new weapon to be deployed on UAV drones.

The “Hatchet” is a 60mm laser guided JDAM bomb that can be used to perform pinpoint strikes where you want to keep collateral damage to a minimum.

The unit is small enough to be carried on the Boeing ScanEagle UAV but can be deployed on full sized strike aircraft up to the F-35. The compact size of the munition allows the MQ-9 Reaper drone to carry up to 108 of these mini-bombs in a rotary launcher.

For more information and a video of the Hatchet, check out

Combined Endeavor 2011: World’s Largest Communications Exercise

Combined Endeavor 2011: World’s Largest Communications Exercise – Back in September, 23 NATO nations and 17 partner nations completed an annual interoperability exercise bringing together Command & Control, Communication and Networked Computer systems.

Cyber Endeavor 2011 is a cyber security collaboration, familiarization and engagement program designed to strengthen partner nation cyber defense capabilities through seminars, events and exercises. This exchange of ideas builds cyber defense partnerships with NATO, partner nations, academia and industry.” – US Army Europe

This is a great way to get nations working together on the Cyber Security issues that the US and it’s allies are facing.