iPhone5 Manufacturing Plant Foxconn Hacked by Hmei7

Still recovering from a 2,000 person riot, the website of one of Apple’s main manufacturing plants in China – Foxconn, has been defaced according to TheHackNews.

Foxconn who manufactures electronic devices for Apple, Dell and HP, has been in the news for alleged questionable labor practices, overbearing security guards, and mistreatment of their workers. A confrontation between a worker and security guard broiled over recently and ended up in a mass riot including about 2000 people.

According to Business Week, “The unrest underscores the social strains of a Chinese export- manufacturing model where thousands of workers, mostly young, work long hours in military-style conditions, sleeping in dormitories and surrounded by security guards.”

The Hacker “Hmei7” called on one site “Indonesia’s Top Defacer” left the following message on a Foxconn site:

“hacked by Hmei7

indonesian people is here

to be secure

your security get down! “

Hmei7 – apparently a lone hacker from Indonesia, has reportedly defaced hundred’s, and possibly thousands of web pages including Government sites. He has been responsible for hacking IBM, Microsoft, AVG and even Siemens websites.

Here is an image that he put up on a Siemens website:

Hmei7 doesn’t seem to do permanent damage to sites, but seems to rather enjoy just defacing them. Earning him the title “Professional Prankster” by the Tuscon Police Department webmaster after he defaced their site in 2007.

Was this a hacktivism attack? Did Hmei7 deface the webpage because of what is going on at Foxconn? No one knows for sure, but the timing is suspect.