Clearing the Perimeter for your CISO – John Powers Episode 3

We’ve been following the comedic “Meet John Powers – CISO” series from Tripwire. And they hit the ball out of park with their latest and last video, “The Spy Who Logged Me“. 

This one is my favorite by far.

I loved the line, “I was in ROTC I want to show you something real quick” – Classic!
I truly laughed out loud at the ending.

Great acting, perfect video!

Check it out!

How to Become a Psychic CISO

Does John Powers have some sort of psychic connection to the spiritual realm?

Probably not, but he relies on a great security solution that provides him with unrivaled visibility into activity on his organization’s IT systems. That’s not channeling spirits from the netherworld, that’s simply having the right people, skills and solutions to be confident.

Our friends at Tripwire have released the second video in the hilarious “John Powers Supernatural CISO” series. This time John’s coworkers think his uncanny knowledge of the system network is coming from the spirit realm.

For more information, astral project over to the John Power’s site, or for live readings check out their Twitter feed.

Securing your Network with Alien “Powers”

Have you ever wished for some supernatural powers to secure your organization? Perhaps longing for some extraterrestrial abilities to defend your sensitive data, or hoped to get help from outer space to get you through that compliance project?

Meet John Powers, the CISO so good at securing his network that co-worker Clint knows that there is something else going on.

Something out of this world…

Great video from our friends at Tripwire. A lot of companies, especially in the IT world, overlook one very important feature – HUMOR!

Anonymous government sources are predicting additional encounters later this summer. Check out the John Powers webpage for the latest intelligence, and track his every move with other true believers on Twitter.

Nice job guys!