Cheetah Robot sets new Land Speed Record

If your post Terminator apocalyptic survival plan involved running away from the robots, forget it! The DARPA backed Boston Dynamic’s “Cheetah” has set a new land speed record for legged robots . The robot can run up to 18 miles an hour,  up from the previous 1989 record of 13.1 mph.

It looks like it is running backwards, but the bendable body is pretty cool. And as it is with most American built robots, it has no head. This is usually done on purpose. Americans have a very negative response to robots, especially to ones that look human. We have been raised by American cinema that robots are bad.

On the contrary, Japanese robots are built to look as human as possible. But in their culture, the robot was always the good guy, the hero.

Well, there you have robot psychology 101, now you can tell your friends that you learned something important today.  🙂