How Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Shield Works

Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense shield is hard at work again intercepting militant rockets fired from Gaza to population centers in Israel. Recently Iron Dome has successfully  intercepted 70 explosive projectiles launched at Israeli cities.

But how exactly does Iron Dome work?

The YouTube video above reveals how Israel intercepts air-to-ground missiles.

Israel creating Digital “Iron Dome” to Combat Constant Cyber Assault

(Photo: Reuters)

Israel is facing daily electronic attacks against critical systems, and the attacks are on the increase. To counter the rising cyber storm, they are in the process of creating a digital “Iron Dome”. Which according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will help block the attacks and “protect Israel from cyber terror“.

Israel has been in a battle to survive ever since the nation was re-formed. They have been under constant threat by Islamic nations that simply do not want the country to exist. Now, along with the possibility of physical and even possible nuclear attack, electronic attacks have been rapidly on the rise. All together, Netanyahu recently said that these are “the greatest security-related challenges Israel has faced since its inception”.

Israel has not been sedentary in preparing for these threats. They have put their best and brightest minds at work creating defenses against the unique threats that they face, sometimes on a daily occurrence. For example, the Trophy Active Protection System by Rafael  was created in response to militant RPG attacks against their military vehicles:

(It is interesting to note that the US looked into using the same technology on it’s deployed tanks, but it was turned down due to the possibility of collateral damage.)

The “Iron Dome” system was also created to help protect whole cities against militant rocket launches. Also created by Rafael, Iron Dome is an integrated mobile air defense system that detects, tracks and intercepts incoming short range rocket and artillery shells. Since it has been deployed, it has shot down 90% of the rockets launched from Gaza (over 90!).

Now that Iran has created a 100 man cyber team, ostensibly to attack US and Israeli systems, it sounds like Israel is looking to use the same concept and create a “digital Iron Dome”:

“Just as we have an Iron Dome missile interceptor to protect against missiles, and a border fence to prevent infiltrators and terrorists from entering, we will also have a similar defense against cyberattacks.

For this purpose, I established the National Cyber Directorate a year ago and it has been working to block these attempts by developing what I would call a ‘digital Iron Dome’ to protect Israel from cyberwarfare,” Netanyahu said Sunday at a weekly cabinet meeting.

Though the system is classified and no details have been publicly released, it could not come at a better time.