India to Create Cyber Czar Position?

A major security overhaul may be in the works for India after Chinese hackers target critical defense information. This could include a “Cyber Czar” position according to an article today.

American and Canadian cybersecurity experts recently released a report of its ten month long investigation into Chinese penetration of India’s government systems. According to the report hackers penetrated the Prime Minister’s Office, Diplomatic offices in several foreign countries, Military Engineer and Educational institutions and even private corporations.

India is evolving as a hub for IT technology. American companies rely heavily on India for providing computer services and support. Yet the report exposes serious vulnerabilities in India’s IT infrastructure and defense. This could make India a prime target for hackers. As India scrambles to shore up its defenses, the creation of a “Cyber Czar” makes sense. According to Indiatimes:

One of the primary mandates of any future cyber security czar would be to create a multi-layered security system around its national assets in a manner that no single successful penetration would yield a treasure trove of information in one place. The cyber security czar could also be mandated to lay down standards and code of conduct for those in the government handling data of certain sensitive nature.

Informed sources say the czar would report to the National Security Advisor and would often end up operating outside the traditional command and control structure of the Indian bureaucracy because of the kind of monitoring the office would be expected to do.

Now is the time for India to lock down its infrastructure and create plans and policy for future expansion. According to Wikipedia, India is one of the top five internet users in the world with 81 million users, but currently, only seven percent of its population is connected. Compare that to the United States which currently has more users, 234 Million, but already has seventy six percent of the US population connected. As you can see, India is just beginning to build its digital super highway.