Upcoming Book, “Basic Security Testing with Kali”

This month’s issue of PenTest Magazine is out. This issue focuses exclusively on Kali Linux.

And in it you will find an exclusive interview about my upcoming book, “Basic Security Testing with Kali“!

I have been using Backtrack/ Kali for quite a long time now.

Over the years, I have helped out with several books and training classes on Backtrack/ Kali.

And answered a ton of user questions about the penetration testing platform and the included tools.

Seeing the interest (and being asked about it several times 🙂 ), I am writing this book to help both new and experienced users. The book will be geared to beginner to intermediate level users of Kali and will cover a lot of topics including:

  • Reconnaissance and Exploitation of hosts
  • Social Engineering
  • Wi-Fi Attacks
  • Kali on the Raspberry Pi

I am planning on releasing the book to Amazon when it is finished. I want to take the time needed to make sure it is done right, and it will be released as soon as it is done.

Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement for this project, I truly appreciate it!

Calling all Security Writers!

Are you a security expert, network/web admin, teacher or student who knows a thing or two about security and wants to share your knowledge? Working on a security project and want an excellent platform to get the news out? Love the latest security topics and want to write about them?

Now is your chance!

CyberArms is working with the hyper popular international security magazine “Hakin9” to create a new magazine called “ExploitMag”! This cutting edge security magazine will focus on:

  • Metasploit Framework Console Exploits
  • LAN Security for PMI
  • Security flaws on WSDL, SOAP
  • and DoS Attacks

We are looking for volunteer authors who want to help create the first 4 free promotional issues. For consideration, articles should be about 3500 words in length and have at least 3 pictures.

Please e-mail me as soon as possible at cyberarms (at) live.com if you are interested in this ground breaking opportunity.

Patriot Hacker “The Jester” to be Unveiled?

Interesting news from our good friends over at InfosecIsland. Apparently well known Patriot hacker “The Jester” (th3j35t3r) has  gone underground or “gone dark” after someone going by the name Smedley Manning (aka “CubeSpherical”) threatened to release his identity.

Screenshots from a link on Cubespherical’s Twitter account seem to show a conversation between him and The Jester. In the shots, Cubespherical claims he knew Jester from the military and is going to “Dox” him, or reveal his identity.

Of course he will only do it, he claims, once he receives 20 thousand Bit Coins donation to Wikileaks, as can be seen in the twitter screen grab above.

The Jester’s blog seemed to be wiped of information, and his Twitter account deleted. Cubeshperical also announced on his Twitter page that another ex-military, anti-anonymous figure named @Narganon had also deleted his account, with the question, “Same Guy?”

Hard to tell what is really going on. Why would The Jester delete his Twitter account and just the posts from his WordPress site?

Was The Jester’s site and Twitter hacked? InfosecIsland points to a cryptic Pastebin post that has a message supposedly from The Jester and a copy of all the missing blog posts.

Time will tell – Will the former military hacker be revealed by a fellow military person? Will cubeshperical raise the 20K Bitcoins? Will the Jester get his revenge?

Jeepers, all this excitement and it is only a Monday!