Kinectasploit v2 – A Matrix Like Kinect Interface to Security Tools

I was visiting our friend Vivek’s site over at Security Tube and found this stunning Defcon 20 Kinectasploit v2 demonstration by Jeff Bryner. I have never seen Kinectasploit before, so this was quite a treat.

Kinectasploit is a Blender 3D first person shooter game environment that looks like the Matrix construct room. But instead of racks of weapons, you have access to 20 security programs. And with a combination of movement and hand gestures you choose a target network system, and then run nmap, Nessus, Ettercap or any of the other included security programs.

Jeff runs P0wnlabs an interesting looking online lab where you can learn and try out your mad hacking Skillz.

If you want to play with Kinectasploit, Jeff provides a Github page with all necessary software.

This really has to be seen to be believed. Great job Jeff!