GPS Tracking – for School Students?

The card, which will be worn on a lanyard around each student’s neck, will transmit location information via microchip to electronic readers throughout the campuses, NISD spokesman Pascual Gonzalez told (Courtesy: NISD via Foxnews)

According to Foxnews, students in Texas will soon be wearing special RFID based ID cards worn on a lanyard. The ID cards will have an embedded microchip that will transmit the students location. The signal is picked up by readers that are installed throughout the campus.

“It is like GPS in the school,” Gonzalez said. “As administrators, we are charged with the safety of students in our schools. So within the four walls of Jay High School and Jones Middle School during the school day, we will always know where those kids are.”

With all the crazy things that are happening in schools now, it may not be a bad idea to be able to pinpoint a student’s location at any time. But this has brought out many privacy concerns.

My question would be that the administrators of the school do know that these things are on lanyards don’t they? How hard would it be for students to switch lanyards for a few hours? Conveniently leave them in the library when they are doing something “questionable” somewhere else?

And could creepers be able to track the signals too? Apparently the IDs only work on school grounds, and do not store any personal information. But RFID experts have shown in the past that these signals can be picked up at a distance with the right antennas.

I can see how the school would think this is a good thing. But GPS tracking via lanyard seems like it would be too easy to bypass to be effective.