To Russia with Love, Snowden either incredibly Naive or a Traitor

As the Edward Snowden drama continues to unfold, one thing is certain. He is either a traitor to the US, as many have suggested, or just incredibly naive.

After the NSA privacy whistle blower turned to China (of all places!) for assistance, it looks like he next accepted an offer of help from Russia! According to reports, Russia offered to fly Snowden from Moscow to possibly Cuba (again, wow, what a choice!) and eventually to Ecuador where he appealed for asylum.

“Snowden told Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa that it is “unlikely that I will have a fair trial or humane treatment” if handed over to U.S. officials to stand trial, according to a letter from Snowden read by Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino.”

According to CNN, he left Hong Kong Sunday on a plane to Moscow. He stayed the night at the Sheremetyevo airport and was supposed to be on a plane to Cuba today. Security was tight at the airport and as the plane filled up, there was no Snowden!

The Obama administration requested that Russia hold him and not allow him to leave the country.  But, come on, what are the chances the Russian intelligence agents are just going to let Snowden leave the country without a little intimate time first?

Does he think he will get fair and humane treatment from Russian intelligence if they think he has information that they want?

I mean didn’t he watch any of the old Rambo movies?

Snowden’s poor choices, going to China and then Russia for help really are beginning to paint a different picture about him other than hero. In fact it makes him look more and more like a traitor. And this will cost him a lot of public American support.