Watching Chinese Cyber Attacks against US as they Happen

Cyber Attack 4

I just happened to be up very early this morning and caught some of the chatter on Twitter about massive incoming cyber attacks against the US. So I pulled up the Live Attack map from Norse to check it out and saw the amazing image above.

From what I have seen, usually America and China are fairly even in the attack origins category.  But this morning there just seemed to be a flood of attacks from China being recorded by the Norse honeypot systems in St. Louis.

Stunning that the image just represents a fraction of real world attacks that are happening at any moment.



Real Time Worldwide Cyber Attack Map

real time hacker map 2

IPViking” (what a great name!) by Norse Security provides a real time threat intelligence cyber attack board where you can see a graphical representation of live detected cyber attacks.

More of a straight numbers person? They also provide a running tally of attacks per country for those who just want the facts without the bling:

live cyber attacks by country

According to the website, “Norse collects and analyzes live threat intelligence from darknets in hundreds of locations in over 40 countries. The attacks shown are based on a small subset of live flows against the Norse honeypot infrastructure, representing actual worldwide cyber attacks by bad actors. At a glance, one can see which countries are aggressors or targets at the moment, using which type of attacks (services-ports).”

The real time map is pretty fascinating to watch, for instance I saw a concentrated attack against a specific US IP from multiple IP addresses in South Africa.

Check it out!