Russian Kneber Zeus BotNet

Alex Cox had an exceptional report last week on the Russian Kneber Zeus Botnet in the Netwitness webinar, “The Russians (and a Horde of Others) are Coming!” Netwitness is the company that detected and exposed the Kneber Botnet.

Alex started the webinar by taking a look at the source of Russian cyber crime. Russia’s history of organized crime started with the “Gulags” of USSR. Russian computer crime originated with the cracking of software copy protection so programs could be easily pirated. But in 1994, the “Vladimir Levin” Citibank financial fraud case was the birth of Russian cyber crime.

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Kneber Botnet Compromises over 75,000 Systems

Computer World had an article last week on the Kneber Botnet. According to the article, this Botnet has been attacking systems worldwide since late 2008. The Botnet has affected systems in up to 196 countries. The countries with the most compromised systems were the US, Egypt, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The Botnet, a variant of Zeus, collects financial and login data. In one month the Botnet stole 68,000 corporate login credentials and online e-mail & social networking user accounts. And that was just from one month, the botnet was active for about 18 months. Read the full article at Computer World


US Simulated Cyber Attack, “Cyber Shockwave” on YouTube

“Cyber Shockwave”, a simulated Cyber attack on the US infrastructure covered by CNN is on YouTube.

The US was “hit” by a simulated smart phone cyber attack on February 16th. The attack was a test to see how the US Government would respond to a massive real-time cyber attack. Several former government officials took place in the “situation room” of a national security conference and responded to “live” reports as they poured in. See the full broadcast on YouTube.


China leads the World in Hacked Computers and Botnets

According to a Washington Post article today, China leads the world in hacked computers. In the last quarter of 2009, China had more infected computers than any other nation in the world. The majority of these infections are in the form of botnets. Botnets are a collection of infected or zombie machines controled by a master computer. These computers can then be used in coordinated attacks of targeted information systems, usually causing a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS).

The article states that China led the last quarter of 2009 with 1,095,000 infected computers. The United States followed with 1,057,000 infections. China is considered most vulnerable because of pirated operating systems and lack of patching. Read the entire article at the Washington Post.