Syria Goes Dark: Worldwide Internet Traffic To/ From Syria Shutdown

Syria Internet Goes Offline

Syria’s nationwide internet service goes dark again and some mobile networks are down, as the civil war there drags on.

The image above from Akamai’s Twitter feed shows the “switch” being thrown as Syria traffic drops to nothing.

According to Renesys, Syrian connectivity went dark at 18:43 UTC, when Border Gateway (BGP) Routes went down:

Syria BGP Routers Down

The internet relies on BGP to route internet traffic across the world. When Syrian BGP routes were removed from the routing table, Syria effectively became dead in the internet water. It is unsure at this time if internal access has also been shut off.

Early reports say the Syrian government claims the outage is from a terrorist attack, but rebels say that the outages usually occur during times of government military attack.

For more information including a technical explanation of how Syria shut off it’s internet, check out Umbrella Security Lab’s post.