McAfee Anti-Virus Founder – Bath Salts, Gangsters and Murder?

John McAfee, the founder of the popular McAfee Anti-Virus, is being actively sought by police in Belize as a possible murder suspect. But how did the one time computer security giant end up embroiled in a possible murder attempt?

After McAfee sold his security company for $100 Million, he moved to Belize to try to help the poverty stricken country. But apparently though, John’s life changed dramatically as according to a special report on Gizmodo, as he became affiliated with gangsters & other shady characters and even became addicted to Bath Salts.

“McAfee has become increasingly estranged from his fellow expatriates in recent years. His behavior has become increasingly erratic, and by his own admission he had begun associating with some of the most notorious gangsters in Belize.”

And a lot of this erratic behavior could have been caused by his experimentation with Bath Salts. The drug has become notorious after several taking it began exhibiting abnormal, violent behavior, including eating people – Causing many to call it the “Zombie Drug”.

McAfee was very active on a Russian based message board devoted to Bath Salts. “I’m a huge fan of MDPV (Bath Salts)”, John said, “I think it’s the finest drug ever conceived, not just for the indescribable hypersexuality, but also for the smooth euphoria and mild comedown.”

I will spare you the details on how he recommended taking the drug…

According to reports, there was friction between John and Gregory Faull, a builder from Florida. And according to Gizmodo, Gregory filed a complaint against John claiming he was acting roguish and firing guns.

According to Foxnews, the Belize police are actively looking for John, though no charges have been filed against him yet. “We are looking for him in connection with the murder, no one has been charged with murder yet,” said Vienne Robinson, assistant superintendent at the San Pedro police department in Belize. She also stated that they had one person in custody already.

If the allegations are true, it is very sad indeed that one of the greats has fallen so far.