Amazing Real Time Cyber Threat Map by Kaspersky

Kaspersky Real Time Map Globe

Kaspersky has created an interactive Cyber Threat Map website where you can track statistics of it’s security product results in real time. And it is amazing!

The picture above shows the Global view, but you can also view the display as a flat map:

Kaspersky Real Time Map

You can also move the map around and click on any country to see it’s current statistics, as seen below:

Kaspersky Real Time Map Poland

I know it just shows one company’s results, but wow what a slick representation of what is going on in the world. I honestly found myself a bit entranced while viewing it, somewhat like watching a campsite fire.

And to think that these are malware results from around the world. Just stunning!

I can foresee a lot of companies displaying this on large monitors in their security centers.

Great job!


Bitdefender wins Anti-Virus Test while Microsoft AV Failed Certification

Interesting Anti-Virus news from AV-Test labs this week. Every two months AV-Labs puts Anti-Virus programs through the paces and scores them on how well they detect, protect and remove anti-viruses. One of our favorite Anti-Virus programs, Bitdefender won the contest again this month, while surprisingly Microsoft’s Security Essentials failed to be certified.

BitDefender won by earning 17 out of 18 points:

AV-Test Bitdefender

With a perfect score in Protection and Repair.

Microsoft, which missed the certification cut-off of 11 points, earned 10.5 points:

AV-Test Microsoft

Scoring only a 1.5 in protection and 3.5 in repair.

So how well did your favorite Anti-Virus make out?

Check out the full report.

GFI Cloud Management for Antivirus, Asset Tracking & Network Management

Wouldn’t it be nice to have Anti-Virus, Network Management and Asset Tracking services via the Cloud?

Well, now you can:

GFI Cloud gives you control of your IT environment in 10 minutes or less. Whether you have 5 or 500 employees, its simple web-based interface offers integrated antivirus, asset and network management across your workstations and servers. With an expanding range of award-winning software services, GFI Cloud provides a single integrated solution to streamline IT management.”

Check out GFI Cloud!

TrendMicro “Mythbusting Mac Security” Video

Great video by TrendMicro. A lot of users think because they have a Mac or Linux system that they are impervious to viruses. Macs and Linux machines are now as targeted as Windows based machines because of their increase in popularity. Security testing platforms like Backtrack include Linux and Mac shells that work just as well as their Windows counterparts.

And though the video mentions that only a small fraction of Mac users have a security program, I have where Linux based AV protection was actually WORSE than it’s Windows counterpart. When testing one of the Linux AV’s I was able to bypass it and gain a remote shell where the Windows version of the same AV actually caught the malware and stopped it.

Smart surfing, script blocking and e-mail safety goes a long way in protecting your system. Even if it is a Mac!Ā  šŸ™‚