#OpIslam Attacks start a Day Early


#OpIslam, cyber attacks against Islamic websites by pro Israeli supporters were supposed to start tomorrow. Well looks like they have begun already.

I have always been confused by the whole “Anonymous” group thing. They claimed to be a group for good, but as of late numerous radical Islamic groups seemed to have adopted the name and begun operating under the “Anonymous” tag, culminating in the “OpIsrael” cyber attacks.

The new #OpIslam attacks seem to be led by the group Israeli Elite Force.

Israel Elite

The odd thing in their #OpIslam promo video, they use the Anonymous tag name with the familiar “We are legion, we are everywhere…” bit.

Interesting move as I am sure many hackers who have been drawn to Anonymous early on probably aren’t too keen on being part of a group that now supports radical Islamic terrorism. The Israel Elite Force choice to create a new anonymous seems to be a divide and conquer move, pulling disenfranchised hackers from the “old” Anonymous and creating a “new” Anonymous to fight against radical Islam.

The whole Anonymous thing is a bit confusing anyway, as anyone it seems anyone can use the tag to perform political hacktivism in the name of their own good.

And inquiring minds want to know if “The Jester“, America’s Patriot Hacker will get involved in these operations. He normally hacks Jihad training websites and is in an ongoing war with the Anonymous collective. Will this new IEF Anonymous be an ally of convenience?

Well, anyways, what can the rest of us non-Anonymous supporters expect over the next few days or weeks?

A rise in hacks and counter hacks, as the two “Anonymous” groups battle it out in Cyber Space. Most likely websites will be DDoS’d, defaced and databases publicly dumped. The end results will most likely be many people who are just trying to run businesses online and earn a living will be disrupted.

Though on a side note, IEF seems to have much better graphic artists (see image at top of post).

Our recommendation to our friends in Israel is to make sure you have strong passwords on your internet connected systems and if possible use a proxy that defeats DDoS attacks.

And as always, we will pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6).