US Border Patrol to use Video Game to Aid in Border Safety

The US Border Patrol is switching gears and moving to video game technology to help determine where future improvements will be made.

The system looks a lot like a touchscreen version of the WWII game “Panzer General”. But instead of Panzers, Luftwaffe and the Waffen SS, you have Border patrol trucks, helicopters, and mounted agents. The system, more of a simulation and modeling program than a video game, will help the agency decide where future improvements can be made to help increase the security of our borders.

The system will cost $1.6 million, and will be used in lieu of the $1 Billion dollar virtual border fence project that was recently scrapped.

Our border with Mexico is a major concern now and needs to be dealt with quickly. If this software will help our agents, then let’s get it into their hands, sooner rather than later.

Penetration Testing: Physical Security Breach

Amazing video of an off hours physical penetration. Definitely a must see. This shows what can be done to your network if your physical security is weak. If these guys were to breach your building it would be game over. I found this video on, interesting site, if you like the video, check out the site.

British Defense unveils Liquid Armor for Soldiers

The following post was originally on our sister site, It is not computer related, but it is very cool and I thought you might like it:

While companies are still trying to make nano-armor, a British firm has come up with their own design. The armor was showcased at a recent expo in Oxford. D3O has created a pliable, almost rubber like material that can be rolled and formed into any shape, but when the material is struck, the molecules lock together and protect the wearer from injury. The video above demonstrates a person being whacked in the head while protected by D30.  For more information see the D30 website.