A Look into Chinese Hacking

A NY Times article today takes a look into the shadowy world of Chinese hackers. They have interviewed a hacker named “Majia”. And what you see is a 20ish year old hacker, sitting in a small unfinished looking room with just a computer on his small table. From the back, he looks more like a teenager than an international hacker. Welcome to 21st century warfare…

While China no doubt has groups of military based hackers in state of the art facilities, this is another look at the rouge forces that China is using. It is much harder to track individual hackers than a group of hackers. And then you always have plausible deniability if they are caught.

The hacker mentions how lucrative hacking is now. He has installed his software on over 2000 computers. He makes money selling trojan viruses that he writes and from bank accounts of people he has hacked.

He also points to another form of income for the individual Chinese hacker:

““Microsoft and Adobe have a lot of zero days,” he said, while scanning Web sites at home. “But we don’t publish them. We want to save them so that some day we can use them.”When asked whether hackers work for the government, or the military, he says “yes.” Does he? No comment, he says.”

It would seem that the Chinese government does have ties to these rogue hackers.

Read the whole story at NY Times.

Cyber Arms Race

“There’s an arms race going on in Cyberspace” , that’s the word today from Dave DeWalt, chief executive and president of McAfee. Here is the cyberwar tale of the tape according to Mr. DeWalt:

Countries with Cyber Weapons :
US, China, Russia, Israel and France
20+ Countries arming themselves with cyberweapons.

Cyber Statistics:
500% increase in new Malware attacks
60% polled say foreign governments infiltrated their corporate infrastructure.
Worldwide, US is the biggest cyberwar threat, China is number two.
Cyber attacks cost 6.3 million a day, 1.75 Billion a year worldwide.

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