Kazakhstan Pentagram on Google Earth actually an old Russian Park

Google Pentagram

The interwebs are a buzz with a Google Earth find of a large pentagram located in rural Kazakhstan. This has led many to wonder who created the Satanic symbol and what it really means.

But people are getting all worked up over nothing, the site is just an old Soviet park that was created in the shape of the Soviet star.

Fire up Google Earth and fly to  52°28’46.04″N  62°11’9.20″E and you will see what is causing all the stir.

It does, in fact look like a huge Satanic Pentagram carved into the landscape. But this is no Satanic ritual site, or alien landing zone, just an old Soviet Union era park.

A commenter on Doubtful news pointed readers to this Russian website (Google Translate Version).

According to the website the star is a remnant of an extensive Soviet Era park was went under in the 1970s. So no Satanic rituals, and no aliens. Just the remnants of the old Soviet Bear.

To Russia with Love, Snowden either incredibly Naive or a Traitor

As the Edward Snowden drama continues to unfold, one thing is certain. He is either a traitor to the US, as many have suggested, or just incredibly naive.

After the NSA privacy whistle blower turned to China (of all places!) for assistance, it looks like he next accepted an offer of help from Russia! According to reports, Russia offered to fly Snowden from Moscow to possibly Cuba (again, wow, what a choice!) and eventually to Ecuador where he appealed for asylum.

“Snowden told Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa that it is “unlikely that I will have a fair trial or humane treatment” if handed over to U.S. officials to stand trial, according to a letter from Snowden read by Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino.”

According to CNN, he left Hong Kong Sunday on a plane to Moscow. He stayed the night at the Sheremetyevo airport and was supposed to be on a plane to Cuba today. Security was tight at the airport and as the plane filled up, there was no Snowden!

The Obama administration requested that Russia hold him and not allow him to leave the country.  But, come on, what are the chances the Russian intelligence agents are just going to let Snowden leave the country without a little intimate time first?

Does he think he will get fair and humane treatment from Russian intelligence if they think he has information that they want?

I mean didn’t he watch any of the old Rambo movies?

Snowden’s poor choices, going to China and then Russia for help really are beginning to paint a different picture about him other than hero. In fact it makes him look more and more like a traitor. And this will cost him a lot of public American support.

NY Gun Ban to include 3D Printed High Capacity Magazines

Sorry New Yorkers, but the dream of bypassing New York’s stifling new gun control laws by simply printing high capacity mags is currently just that, a dream. New York Democratic Congressman Steve Israel announced yesterday that he will introduce legislation to ban 3D printed and other non-metallic magazines.

According to a Forbes article, the gun enthusiast group Defense Distributed worked for 5 months to create a 3D printed magazine in an effort to bypass expected gun control laws. They successfully created and tested an AR magazine using 3D printers – see video clip above. The group also posted blueprints for the magazine and other gun related Makerbot files on their website.

Some in New York thought this might be a way to bypass New York’s new gun control law.

In a overnight, behind closed door session, Governor Cuomo forced through a new gun ban on numerous semi-automatic firearms and reduced allowed magazine size from 10 to 7. Effectively making New York State have the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation.

It is comprehensive. It is sound,” Governor Cuomo was quoted saying in an upstate New York Newspaper. “It addresses the multifaceted problem that we’re dealing with. It protects, I believe, hunters and sportsmen, et cetera, and legitimate gun owners.”

But the moved infuriated the majority of Upstate New York law abiding citizens (hunters, sportsmen and patriots) who live outside the New York City area that see the move as nothing more than a violation of 2nd Amendment rights and believe will do nothing to curb gun violence.

Numerous Senators have also come forward voicing opposition to the the law. “I don’t agree with the governor in regard to where he’s going, in regard to the banning of certain weapons and certain ammunition clips,” US Representative  Tom Reed, said during a call with reporters Monday. “I think that’s a path that goes down that slippery slope that I’m concerned about — in restricting our freedoms.

Too many legislators attempted to seize this politically powerful moment to push through parts of a long-held, liberal, extreme gun control agenda that will not make New Yorkers safer,” State Senator Tom O’Mara said. “Those of us who have long opposed this agenda successfully rejected a number of the most extreme proposals and ensured that this measure will at least include important, practical and common sense initiatives in mental health, illegal firearms, school safety, first responder safety and other areas that we believe can help keep the focus on where and how these terrible crimes and criminals can and should be confronted. These actions can make a difference going forward, but they should have been even stronger.”

But will it help make children in New York schools any safer? Not necessarily so.

New York Chemung County Sheriff Christopher Moss told an upstate newspaper, “Gun legislation and buyback programs statistically have been shown to have no effect. If they are looking to deter individual acts such as Connecticut and Aurora, Colo., I think it’s going to be ineffective. It will affect law-abiding citizens that already go through the process and pay fees. I think it’s somewhat of a feel-good application.”

Legal moves are already being made to fight the new gun law. New York Senator Kathleen A. Marchione has created an online petition that can be signed to repeal and replace the restrictive gun control measures. And Attorney James Tresmond of Buffalo is leading a group of lawyers in petitioning the Federal Court to examine the new law to determine its constitutionality.

GPS Tracking – for School Students?

The card, which will be worn on a lanyard around each student’s neck, will transmit location information via microchip to electronic readers throughout the campuses, NISD spokesman Pascual Gonzalez told FoxNews.com. (Courtesy: NISD via Foxnews)

According to Foxnews, students in Texas will soon be wearing special RFID based ID cards worn on a lanyard. The ID cards will have an embedded microchip that will transmit the students location. The signal is picked up by readers that are installed throughout the campus.

“It is like GPS in the school,” Gonzalez said. “As administrators, we are charged with the safety of students in our schools. So within the four walls of Jay High School and Jones Middle School during the school day, we will always know where those kids are.”

With all the crazy things that are happening in schools now, it may not be a bad idea to be able to pinpoint a student’s location at any time. But this has brought out many privacy concerns.

My question would be that the administrators of the school do know that these things are on lanyards don’t they? How hard would it be for students to switch lanyards for a few hours? Conveniently leave them in the library when they are doing something “questionable” somewhere else?

And could creepers be able to track the signals too? Apparently the IDs only work on school grounds, and do not store any personal information. But RFID experts have shown in the past that these signals can be picked up at a distance with the right antennas.

I can see how the school would think this is a good thing. But GPS tracking via lanyard seems like it would be too easy to bypass to be effective.