North Korea – Massive Internet Outage – Really?

The latest news in the Sony/ North Korea hacking saga is a reported wide internet outage in North Korea. As President Obama said that the US would respond to the Sony hack, many are already assuming that the US is responsible for the internet outage.

When I heard about this “wide spread” outage in North Korea, I laughed, I really did – As N. Korea is one of the least connected countries in the world!

As of latest estimates, North Korea has a grand total of 1,024 internet capable addresses. In 2012 they ranked 212th in the connected world with a grand total of 8 (8!!) internet hosts. Compare that with the 505 Million hosts in the US and you can quickly see why the US is at greater risk of hacker type attacks than the North Koreans.

It would seem that electricity is also in limited supply as this night picture of N. Korea shows:

Night view of North Korea

According to one silly report, North Korea’s internet was down, because “glorious leader” Kim Jong-un needed the land line to make a call to Russian leader Vladmir Putin as “The entire country’s Internet is currently sourced to a 54k modem in the presidential palace.

Any direct online or Denial of Service “Internet Outage” type attacks against N. Korea will have limited, if any success as a deterrent. North Korea cyber war forces work very closely with the Chinese and if the N. Korean’s did hack Sony (which is still very doubtful) chances are that China would also be involved either directly or indirectly.


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