FBI takes down Dark Web site the “Silk Road”


Pretty big news in the computer world today as the FBI took down one of the most prolific dark web sites on the internet, the “Silk Road”

The Silk Road has been in about every major news story about the online drug trade for quite a while now. The site seemed to operate with impunity as it blatantly offered illegal drugs for sale online in the Hidden Web, or Dark Web, as it is called.

The Dark Web is not accessible via normal internet browsing, you need a program like Tor to access the hidden sites. The Dark Web is a haunt for illegal goods, and services and the Silk Road was one of the most popular sites.

The website not only offered to ship illegal drugs in an envelope to any location, they also offered illegal services like forged documents and access to hacked accounts. You could even pay for these services with the anonymous currency “Bitcoins”.

According to reports the website generated about $1.2 Billion in sales over 30 months of operation.

The alleged sole creator and operator of the site, 29 year old Ross Ulbricht, also known as “Dread Pirate Roberts”, was arrested and appeared in Federal court today.

Apparently federal cyber crime experts compromised the Silk Road server on July 23, 2013 and were able to pull data from the system. A bit ironic as Ulbricht allegedly hired a hitman to take out a user who was threatening to release the identity of thousands of Silk Road users.

Cudos to the FBI Cyber Crime team, this is a huge move to combat online cyber crime!

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