Bank Cyber Security tested in ‘Quantum Dawn 2’ Drill

July 18 Trustedsec CEO David Kennedy on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock."
July 18 Trustedsec CEO David Kennedy on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.”

Major players in the financial industry are currently under a massive cyber attack. But no worries the attack is simulated and is being used to test bank security planning and response to a large scale attack.

Dubbed ‘Quantum Dawn 2’, the drill sounds like a large multi-player online game. The exercises that started today and will continue into tomorrow, will test how well financial institutions can work together to respond to and mitigate a large simultaneous attack on multiple areas of the financial market.

“Players” will use a software tool called “the Distributed Environment for Critical Infrastructure Decision-making Exercises — Finance Sector (DECIDE-FS).”

Basically the participants will be tasked with keeping the money flowing, as it were, in the face of scripted and timed attacks.

The drills could not be more timely as a recent report showed that nearly half of the worlds financial markets have come under some level of cyber attack in the last year. And many are not satisfied that their defense is up to the task of stopping advanced intruders:

Top bankers are increasingly aware of the possible threat but have little confidence in their ability to thwart attacks, with one quarter of respondents admitting their “current preventative and disaster recovery measures may not be able to stand up against a large-scale and coordinated attack”.

In the video link above, one of our favorite security gurus David Kennedy, CEO of Trustedsec currently gives our country’s financial cyber capabilities an ‘F’:

Bank Cyber Report Card

But his company and others are working hard to ensure that our financial cyber woes are fixed and exercises like “Quantum Dawn 2” will go a long way in preparing financial system for the worst before it happens.

For more information, check out David and Security Compass Managing Director Sahba Kazerooni in the video above discussing the “War Games on Wall Street” on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock“.

Nice job guys!


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