Shodan Keyword Search for Friday, May 31st

After spending a lot of research time on Shodan, the ‘computer search engine’, I have acquired quite an extensive keyword search term list – 6 pages and growing! Shodan is great for finding tons of systems online, and is great for pentesting, but you need to know what keywords to use. So I thought I would pass some along to my readers.

I haven’t really found a good list online, and there is already an extensive search database for Google keywords (called the Google Haking Database or Google Dorks), so I figured every Friday I will share some of them, making Fridays “Shodan Dork Day“.

So without further ado, here are the search terms for May 31st:


  • IIS/2.0
  • IIS/3.0
  • IIS/4.0
  • IIS/5.0
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Microsoft-Windows-NT/5.1
  • os:Mac 200 ok
  • title:”Mac OS X Server”
  • iTools
  • rumpus
  • iPhone
  • SMSLockSys (iPhone)
  • Raspberri Pi

For the record, I will not share SCADA search terms (there are already lists of these out there) or some of the other questionable keywords that I have found.

This is for educational purposes only. Some of the Shodan searches reveal unsecure systems. Never try to alter, hack or crack systems that you do not own or have permission to access.

Surf responsibly…

One thought on “Shodan Keyword Search for Friday, May 31st”

  1. Check out stach & liu’s search diggity. (it is Windows only but you should be able to grab the terms they use)

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