What part of America could N. Korea hit with Missiles?

As North Korea continues to threaten the US, this weekend was no different. On Saturday they stated that they had entered a “state of war”. And Today South Korea warned of a strong response to any provocation as F-22 Raptors arrived at the main US air base in S. Korea, and combined US/ S. Korea military exercises continued.

The problem is, it is hard to tell if N. Korea will truly escalate or if it is just part of their standard threats that stream out from their leadership. The threats are so constant it is hard to take them seriously. According to CNN one US official stated, “There is pot-banging and chest-thumping, but they have literature attracting tourists that explicitly says pay no attention to all that (public) talk about nuclear war or another kind of war.”

At the end of last week there seemed to be little visual proof that N. Korea was moving forward with it’s threats. But what if things did escalate?

Though any type of “cyber war” against the North would be short lived – there is very little attack surface, their power is suspect at best and they only have about 35 websites. They do have the 4th largest army and more importantly, nuclear tipped missiles.

But what is the range of their missiles and could they hit the US? The video above from CNN shows the estimated range of N. Korea’s missile arsenal. According to the video some missiles could strike Alaska. Though their latest rocket the Unha 3, could strike a large section of the Western US, but it has not been tested as a missile as of yet.

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