Spamhaus hit with largest DDoS Ever Recorded – More than 300 Gps

Akamai Spamhaus DDOS Stats
Current Global Attacks according to

Internet Spam fighting organization Spamhaus with the help of CloudFlare has recovered from the largest Distibuted Denial of Service attack ever reported. The attacks that started at 10Gbs on the 18th rapidly increased in the last week until they hit an unprecedented volume of 300 Gps!

Spamhaus tracks internet spammers and works with law enforcement to help shut them down. Apparently some bad guys didn’t like this and attacked their website with a 10 Gbs DDoS stream of traffic knocking them offline. Spamhaus turned to the popular website security company Cloudflare for help.

Cloudflare was able to deflect the attacks which according to Cloudflare’s blog ramped up to 120 Gbs on the 21st. Then the attackers stopped the attack and then tried something they had not seen before. The attackers turned their DDoS against the upstream providers for Cloudflare with attacks ranging up to 300 Gps, forcing Cloudflare to temporarily drop peering for London:

Cloudflare Spamhaus Twitter Post

The attacks effected worldwide website traffic according to an article today on Foxnews. “If the Internet felt a bit more sluggish for you over the last few days in Europe, this may be part of the reason why,” said Matthew Prince, CEO of CloudFlare.

Spamhaus is up and running today. But a quick look at shows that global attacks are still elevated (See image at top of post).

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