Raspberry Pi: Creating a Pentesting Platform with PwnPi – Intro & Requirements

SSH Interface

Finally got my hands on a Raspberry Pi – the $35 computer. My first project that I wanted to do with this little wonder was create a security testing platform with it. How hard would it be to make this little wonder into a pentesting platform?

Not hard at all – With the help of PwnPi!

PwnPi brings the power of over 200 security tools to the Raspberry Pi platform. In this article I will cover getting PwnPi installed on the Raspberry Pi using a Windows based system.

First you need to get a Raspberry Pi. There are several places to get them, Google it. I purchased mine from the RIT Linux club. I know the professor that runs it and it was for a good cause.

Next you need a SD Card, power and peripheral devices. The Pi does not come with any of these. I will leave this step up to you also. But note, the video you use must either have an HDMI or RCA jack. Also the power plug type and amperage is a bit picky. From what I read you need one that puts out 1-2 amps of current. If it puts out 1 or less amps the PI may become unstable if your peripherals are not low power.

The power adapter that I had that fit it was only 700ma. Using this I could only have the keyboard, mouse or network line connected, but not more than one. This wasn’t a problem, as you can use SSH to connect to it from a Windows machine. I will discuss this later.

Also, are saying that class 4 SD Cards are very slow, and recommend higher ones. I found a Sony 16GB card with a  speed of 15MB/S which works great! (You could probably get a way with an 8GB one for PwnPi).

Okay, let’s get this going! In my next post I will cover installing PwnPi.

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