Iran offers Proof (or Propaganda?) that they Decoded Video from Downed Stealth Drone

Late Wednesday night Iranian TV aired footage that they claimed was decoded from the US RQ-170 Stealth drone that was recovered by Iranians in 2011.

It appears that there are two videos floating around that claim to be the “decoded” video. The one above seems a bit more legit. The second video shows short random clips of buildings taken from above, and stealth drones taking off and sitting at an air base.

This doesn’t really prove anything, as anyone could take aerial footage and claim it was taken from a certain plane or drone.

The second video is a bit more interesting though. It shows several clips of an RQ-170 at an airbase and what seems to be recordings of surveillance.  Also, footage at the end of the  allegedly shows the recovery of the downed RQ-170.

The funny thing is that late in 2011 a video aired on Iranian TV claiming it showed the RQ-170 being brought down by Iran’s Cyber War unit. The video shows a nice clean landing on a runway:

But now they release a video that shows the RQ-170 being picked up by a helicopter in a remote location in the desert?

There are just to many inconsistencies with their claims. Come to find out that the third video isn’t even an RQ-170, it is stock video footage of a Lockheed Martin Polecat UAV!

And by the way, have you seen Iran’s new Stealth Fighter?

Tremble in your boots America and Israel, this baby can compete with the F-35 and the F-22. Or so they would like you to believe. Aviation experts are already tearing it apart and claiming, hands down, that it is a fake. And the video footage of the test flight – it’s an RC plane…

I would take any “video evidence” from Iran with a grain of salt, they are obviously pumping out some serious propaganda.

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