US firm that creates High Tech Military & Power Grid Products sold to China

The US Federal Government has approved the sale of the A123 company. They are a business that creates high tech batteries and power solutions used by the military and in our power grid, kind of important…

But that is not the best part of the news, A123 it is being sold to a Chinese based company!

Military and Power Grid products…

Umm… Hello? Isn’t this a bad thing?

According to FoxNews, “Wanxiang America Corp. has gotten approval from a Treasury Department agency to take over “substantially all” of the non-government business assets of the lithium ion battery manufacturer.

Okay, they will be taking over all “Non-Government business assets”, so it may not be as bad as first thought.

But they will still have access to plans, blueprints and the underlying technology, even if they are not allowed to directly interface with the government systems. Anyways, isn’t everything is stored in electronic files now?

I have never trusted Chinese technology companies, or even the “Chinese” division of American companies. There just seems to be too much cloak and dagger type stuff that transpires.

For example, I know in the past of engineers of a hi-tech American company traveling to their Chinese division to do some work and training.  Oddly enough, when they returned home, their laptops were loaded with numerous Trojans and Backdoor programs.

When the engineers were asked what happened, they responded that the Chinese IT division needed their laptops to load software onto it so it could connect to their network. The only problem was that no new software or changes were needed as they were just logging into the same Domain.

Of course the technology that the American division of the plant worked on was not allowed in China. Odd to that only the Engineer’s computer systems “needed special software to hook up to the Chinese plant servers” and not the salesmen…

Maybe I am just too cautious, but sales of American hi-tech companies like this to China seem to be a huge mistake and a big security issue.

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