Anonymous embeds Asteroid Game in Government Sites, Threatens to release “Warheads”

In an odd turn of events over the last couple of days, looks like Anonymous hacked into the DOJ Sentencing Commission website and defaced it. Then later re-hacked it and embedded a game of Asteroids into the site (see above).

The Hacktivist group Anonymous claimed they attacked the DOJ site in response to the suicide of coder and activist Aaron Swartz. is down again now, but anonymous revealed via twitter that another government site (United States Probation Department for the Eastern District of Michigan) was also hacked and including the same game:

Anonymous Asteroids

(The Michigan website seemed to have removed the game at the time of this writing.)

According to reports, Anonymous also used the Sentencing Commission website to host a 1.3 GB file that Anonymous claimed was a “Warhead” file. An encrypted file with information that Anonymous threatened to release if their demands to the DOJ were not met.

It seems from some reports though that the file was a fake and contained an outdated list of names and addresses of people who were in the witness protection program.

It is pretty concerning that Anonymous is able to gain access to these high profile government sites. It was just announced that the military is planning to increase it cyber force by 5 fold, looks like the DHS may need to increase staffing to help secure government sites.

3 thoughts on “Anonymous embeds Asteroid Game in Government Sites, Threatens to release “Warheads””

  1. and I’ll be willing to wager that a good percentage of the “new” force will be anonymous… LMAO.
    Now there is a way to git ‘er done…

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