Facebook Graph Search shows ‘Married Men who like Prostitutes’

Last week Facebook revealed a new search feature to help people find others who are interested in the same things. Sounds all well and good, but a new website shows some search results that may not be quite what Mark Zuckerberg had in mind.

Facebook Graph Search seems interesting enough, for example you could search for people who are into cycling that are from your home town. Or People who like knitting who are in Washington, DC. Very helpful when you are trying to connect with others.

But as the Actual Facebook Graph Searches website shows, social searches can be used to retrieve information that some may not want revealed.

For example, what would happen if you searched for “Married Men who like Prostitutes”

Funny Facebook Graph Searches

Or, what about “Current Employers of people who like Racism”

Funny Facebook Graph Searches 1

Some others include:

  • Current Tesco Employees that like Horses
  • Mothers of Catholics from Italy that likes Durex
  • Spouses of Married People who like Ashley Madison

These are all humorous, but some searches could be used by certain countries who have repressive governments, where religious liberties are restricted, to find people who have beliefs that may not jive with the government.

For example the search “Family Members of people who live in China and like Falun Gong” could cause some issues:

Facebook Graph Searches 2

Or even “Islamic Men interested in men who live in Tehran, Iran” could cause issues, as Iran has very strict laws concerning homosexuality.

Social Media is a great tool to keep in touch and meet new people online. And as these examples show, some humorous things can be found by social media searches.

But as we have seen from the security world, Social Media can also be manipulated to provide information that some may not want revealed to the public, or information that could be misused.

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