Sniper Rifle System Powered by Linux

Tracking Point

Tracking Point Precision targeting system brings lock and launch capabilities to firearms. The new assisted aiming system takes numerous inputs into consideration and ensures a first hit, the first time. Even for untrained marksmen.

And underneath the video system, range finder, guided trigger and WiFi server is… Linux!

The firing system looks like it is right out of a science fiction movie. When you look through the scope you are presented a Heads Up Display (HUD) similar to what jet fighters have. Basically all you have to do is tag your target, and a red dot will be placed where the bullet will hit. The computerized scope system instantly determines the distance with a laser range finder, then calculates the wind speed, direction, temperature and air pressure.

Then simply pull and hold the trigger. A red “X” appears on the display and when the “X” is placed over the tag, the firing solution is optimal and the system releases the bullet to strike the target.

According to reports the system drastically increases hit probability, claiming 100% accuracy at ranges up to 950 yards.

And with the included Wi-Fi server you can stream the HUD display to any iOS powered device. Or record the video of your shot for later viewing.

Very cool!

Check it out:

According to the manufacturer’s website, the system will be available this week. Though it does come with a $17,000 price tag!

The military will love this tech, and of course, the sportsman with deep pockets.


2 thoughts on “Sniper Rifle System Powered by Linux”

  1. I understand that, excepting some increased capacity in law enforcement and military, there are two main objections:
    1. that everyone can hit a target without practice, not good if the weapon gets in the wrong hands
    “The company is also keenly aware of the potential negative public perception right now around firearms and firearm manufactures, in the wake of recent mass-shooting events like the ones in Sandy Hook and Aurora.” -the fact that this weapon is designed to be used by hunters says the opposite; a statement is just a statement
    2. that some imbeciles decided to use the presentation by hunting down animals, although I suspect them that they did not hunt for food (the only acceptable hunting practice in a supposed civilized society)

    “The military will love this tech, and of course, the sportsman with deep pockets”
    On the contrary the sportsman who knows something about skill and training might feel that this anti-sports system looks like bodybuilding on steroids.

    1. Hi Command,

      Honestly, I thought it odd that the company even posted a “Sandy Hook Disclaimer”. I don’t see the correlation. I put 100% of the blame of school shootings on the evil twisted people that concoct them. The largest school disaster in American History was committed by a mad man that rigged a school full of explosives.

      Sadly liberal media and left leaning politicians are using school shootings to push a political agenda.

      Command, do you target shoot or go hunting? Where I live it is more common to hunt than not. And though they do brag if they get an animal with a large rack, it is always for food, to add meat to the freezer. A missed shot to some means that the fridge will be a lot emptier during the long winter months.

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