Political Web Spoofs: Trade in your Homosexuality for a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich?

Free chicken coupon

Everyone has heard about the uproar caused when the fast food company Chick-Fil-A president took a public stance against gay marriage and homosexuality. It has come to my attention recently that they are now offering a “Trade in your Homosexuality for a free Chicken Sandwich”.

Or are they?

Okay, you hear almost everyday about Hacktivists, groups that will shutdown websites with denial of service attacks, or deface them with a political statement. You most likely have heard about spoofed website addresses, websites that contain misspelled words or characters in their domain name so they appear to be a legit company. Social Engineering hackers use these misspelled domain names in phishing attacks.

Well, it seems it is time for something different – Political Web Spoofing.

Political Web Spoofing is spoofing a website – one that looks like the original website, and may even contain elements of the real website, but contains a counter political statement. The goal seems to be to make it look as real looking as possible but place controversial statements on it. And maybe, just maybe some people will think it is the real website.

Case in point – The Chick-fil-A Foundation. This website made by an Anti-Christian activist, and is the home of the “Trade in your Homosexuality for a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich” coupon.

This website IS NOT affiliated with the Chick-fil-A company!

Check out the Logos:

Chick-fil-a_Foundation  Chick-fil-a_Logo

The real Chick-fil-A logo is on the right.

Notice the difference? But would you at quick glance?

And that is exactly the point. Make a website that looks like the original, place a counter or controversial message on it, and maybe, just maybe the public will think it is from the real company.

And how many people would read the small print at the bottom of the webpage that says that the site is not affiliated with Chick-fil-A?

The spoofed site went as far as making a YouTube video showing two “former gays” turning in a coupon for a free sandwich. They even used the familiar Chick-fil-A cow mascot:

Is it working?

Sadly, yes…

Let’s face it, many people skim a page for news and move on. If the page has something shocking on it, it get’s re-tweeted or shared on some other social media network, without verifying the source. And even though in this case where the author was trying to make a comedic spoof, the target company image still suffers.

Something tells me we will see a lot more of these political spoofs in the near future.


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