Run, Hide, Fight! – What to do in Case of a Mass Shooting

Unfortunately there are evil people in this world. People who will choose to attack innocent people in public places. What do you do if this happens to you? How do you survive?


Cudos to the Alabama Department of Homeland Security for skipping the political rhetoric and creating a video on how to survive if the worst happens.

According to the video, if you are faced with an active shooter in public you should:

Run – Get out of the building and away from the attacker if you can. Leave unimportant stuff behind. GET OUT! Then call 911.

Hide – If you can’t safely get out of the building – HIDE! Lock yourself in a room, turn off the lights, barricade the door and silence cell phones or any electronics that could give you away.

FIGHT! – If you can’t do either, you may have to fight. Act as a group, use whatever weapons you have at hand and act together as one.

I am a life long martial artist and one of my favorite instructors of all time is Krav Maga master and former Israeli Commando Itay Gil. He also recommends attacking the shooter if there is no way to escape the area. Form together, use improvised weapons and attack in a group.

He demonstrates the tactic in the following video:

He shows how a regular book bag filled with books WILL stop 9mm pistol rounds. In a simulated attack, Itay plays the bad guy and shows how students should assault an attacker. Students flood him from several sides with makeshift weapons, then wrestle him to the ground.

During the student rush, he was only able to get off 2 shots before he was subdued.

Plan ahead, always look for exits when in a public area, and be prepared if the worst should happen.


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